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Autotuner integration offers an easy-to-use integration with the Autotuner slave API. To enable this integration, go to Features -> Autotuner integration and enable the feature. Note that the API is not part of a regular Autotuner account, you need a Pro or Expert account. Read more here.

On the setting page in your platform, you will notice a "Read methods available/Read methods selected" field. This field is used to determine for which read methods the API is enabled and thus will attempt to decrypt and encrypt files. It is required to specify these read methods manually to ensure proper working since read methods can be named anything. The system could in some cases not be able to detect which read methods should apply correctly.

Autotuner integration settings page.

How it works

The diagrams below show the processes involving Autotuner. Note that the automated decryption and encryption for file services only work if you have enabled zipping of file service downloads.

To encrypt a file, metadata about the slave file needs to be present in the system. This metadata is automatically stored when decrypting a file.

Downloading original file as admin

The first process is when you attempt to download an original file from your admin environment.

Uploading modified file as admin

When you upload a modified file in your admin environment, and Autotuner metadata has been stored because the original file has been downloaded and decrypted, the system requires it to be a decrypted slave file. If the file can not be encrypted, the system will produce an error. To circumvent this, check the "Reset Autotuner metadata" checkbox.

Downloading modified files as a customer

Encrypted Autotuner files contain a time lock. 24 hours after the encryption of the file, it can no longer be read by the slave software. To allow customers to download and use their modified files after this time frame, the file you originally uploaded as the modified file is stored before encryption. Upon downloading their modified file, that original upload is encrypted on the fly.

Drop zones

In addition to the automated processes, you can also use the drop zones on the file service and support tickets pages to manually decrypt and encrypt files. When decrypting a file using the drop zone, the Autotuner metadata (which is required to encrypt a file) is automatically stored with the appropriate item on the page. This could be either a file service or a support ticket.

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