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Configuring delivery times

To let your users know how long they can expect to wait for their files to be returned you can configure delivery times. This information is displayed to your users above the form used to submit a new file service.

What your customers see

To configure this feature go to Settings > Delivery times. There are a couple of fields to fill in because delivery times take into account the number of open file services. When you have many open files it is likely customers have to wait a bit longer. The system works with tiers to determine the current waiting times.

The minimum time that you specify is the least amount of time you expect it takes to delivery a file. Next specify the number of files that defines tier 1 and specify how long a file should take at most to be delivered in tier 1. Do the same for tier 2. Finally specify a maximum time that should be displayed when there are more file services. The table below shows a couple of examples of waiting times. Note that only open file services are counted. File services with any status other than open are not counted when determining delivery times.

Example configuration

We will first show a sample configuration and then give the actual, more abstract, rules that are applied.

Example configuration for estimated delivery times
  • When there are 5 or fewer file services open a delivery time of 30 minutes - 1 hour is displayed.
  • When there are 9 or fewer, but more than 5 file services open a delivery time of 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes is displayed.
  • When there are more than 9 file services open a delivery time of 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours 30 minutes is displayed.

Applied rules

The following rules apply to the configuration that you specify.

  • If there are at most the number of file services specified for tier 1 open, the time range minimum time - tier 1 time is displayed.
  • If the number of open file services is greater than tier 1 but at most tier 2, tier 1 time - tier 2 time is displayed.
  • Finally, if there are more open file services tier 2 time - maximum time is displayed.

Opening hours

Delivery times also take into account the opening hours that you configure for your platform. If the expected delivery time is outside of your opening hours the customer will be notified that the modified file should be expected after your company next opens.

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