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Configuring free starter credits

A great way to convert lookers into buyers is to give your new customers some credits to let them try out your platform for free and experience how easy and efficient it is to use your services. offers functionality to automatically give a set amount of credits to each new user. To configure this go to Settings > Platform configuration in the sidebar and navigate to the Platform settings tab on that page. Set the Give new users starter credits to yes and then select an amount to give and type a message that the customer will see in their transaction history (for example "Welcome!").

Configuring the welcome email

In addition to giving them the credits and hoping they notice your kind gesture you can also edit the mail template that is used to send customers their confirmation email upon registration. Navigate to the Mail templates module in the sidebar navigation and locate the "Welcome (user registered)" template. Modify it to add information about the free credits your customers have just received.

Personalize your mail templates

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