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Working with tuning groups

Tuning groups allow you to configure different amount of credits per tuning type and tuning option, and even whether the tuning type or option is even enabled for the group. Together with price groups that determine what each credit costs this allows for a huge amount of flexibility in charging your customers.

Enable certain tuning types only for regular customers or configure different credit amounts per group.

Creating a tuning group

When you create your first tuning group all existing customers will automatically be assigned to this first group. Additionally the first group is marked as the default so that any new customers that register automatically get assigned to this group.


You can configure discounts for tuning types. The discount is configured as a percentage off the normal price. These discounts are in effect when "Discounts enabled" is set to yes for a tuning group.

Deleting a tuning group

The default tuning group can not be deleted. When a tuning group is deleted that is not the default all customers belonging to that group will be moved to the default group instead. All credit amounts configured for tuning types and options for the group are also deleted with the group.

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